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Now available at select Whole Foods Markets!
You can now find us in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Boston,
Washington DC, New York City, and more.
Scoville Hot Sauce now available at select Whole Foods Market

 We are proud to announce that Scoville Food Institute Pepper Sauces are now available from
more than 200 stores, beer distributors, and restaurants in dozens of states and now nations, including:

stores and restaurants across Great Britain thanks to our friends at Chilli Bugs Unlimited - Thanks Mel!

Heritage Wines & Tobacco - Millcreek Mall
Beer & Pop Discount Warehouse - Peninsula Drive

International Bakery - Thanks for your help Frank!!!
Big Skinny's Hot Dog's - Cambridge Springs, PA
Competitive Gear Bicycle Shop - Join the Scoville racing team.....
Brotherhood of St. John's Association - North East PA
Sander’s Market – North East

A. A. Caplan & Sons  - The Place for Cooks
Art's Bakery

Wykoff's Shell Mini-Mart - Peach & Gore location
Wykoff's Gulf Station - 38th and Liberty location
The Brewerie at Union Station - in the heart of downtown Erie

Beer 4 Less - Peach Street & 12th Street Stores
South Erie Beer
Westlake Beer
6 Pack House of Beer - both locations
Airport Beer

A Caplan Company in Waterford
A Caplan Co. in Waterford
12607 Route 19, Waterford, PA 16441

If you need new or used commercial kitchen items, this is your destination!
Plus a huge selection of household items too. This is a link to their website.
And on the counter, you will find some great hot sauces to use with your new gadgets!

Wykoff's Shell Station at Peach & Gore.
This is one of the busiest c-stores I have ever seen.
Hot foods, cold deli, fresh baked breads, 6 types of coffee and
more lottery tickets than you could scratch in  a lifetime!

In Pittsburgh, please visit Penn Mac,
our EXCLUSIVE outlet in the Strip District.
Pennsylvania Macaroni Company - Pittsburgh, PA
Located on Penn Avenue in the famous Pittsburgh Strip District,
this mecca for foodies draws thousands of shoppers daily into its inviting front doors.
As you enter, turn right then make a quick left, and on your left, you will see the shelves crammed with hot sauces and there at about eye level are the tasty, hot, delicious,
award-winning Scoville Food Institute hot

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company Inc.
2010-12 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Now available at Whole Foods Co-op in Erie!
Whole Foods Co-op in Erie, PA
All 7 of our all-natural, no-preservative & gluten-free hot sauces are for sale,
thanks to grocery manager Jason!
THE WHOLE FOODS CO-OP is a full-service natural foods market. They are a cooperative business, which means they are owned and democratically controlled by their members.

Another new retail partner is The Kitchen Shoppe
located in beautiful, quaint Volant, PA
The Kitchen Shoppe - Volant, PA
This little village (population 113 people!!!) is home to a dozen or more cute shops (and shoppes!),
with loads of antiques and one-of-a-kind stuff you just have-to-have.
Amanda, the proprietress, stocks and sells All-Clad cookware, butcher block tables, cookbooks,
pottery, pot racks, aprons, knives from around the world, plus she has cooking demos and classes.
And what we think is the best hot sauce available today: Scoville Food Institute!
If you're in the area (located near Grove City and its Prime Outlet mall) please drop in and say hello.
And feel free to sample some or all of our sauces too!
Call today 1-800-435-0015 or send them an email if you have any questions:
Thanks Amanda!
 Click here for more retail outlets....

Hot Sauce manufacturer, The Scoville Food Institute
The Scoville Food Institute

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