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The Scoville Unit is a rating of "heat", and while we like our food hot, we also like a lot of flavor. We make hot sauces for folks who like hot food, with plenty of Scoville Units, but we make them taste good too.
We are proud to announce our complete line of sauces.
We currently have 8 different hot sauces bottled!

All of our hot sauces are all-natural, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients
Additionally, 7 of our 9 sauces (the other 2 top out at 150 mg per serving) can be classified as “low sodium”, defined by the FDA as containing 140 mg or less sodium per serving. We developed the line so that we had a sauce and corresponding heat level that would work for people who don’t think they like hot sauces up to those who crave intense heat in their foods.

Our jalapeno, cayenne and garlic cayenne are smooth and very tasty with some nice heat, nothing crazy.
They work great in cooking, grilling, dips, and salsas.

We now offer  a smooth (no pulp or seeds) habanero and it's GREAT!
The habanero which has even more luscious, ripe, hot and spicy habaneros than our regular sauce -
no extract just pure natural pepper flavor.
Also offered as garlic habanero.

Our orange habanero takes it up a notch and is full of "chunky heatness (our own new word).

The HOTTEST sauces we make are the Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper pepper sauces.
These peppers are rated at over 1,000,000 Scoville Units and make a delicious but really hot sauces.
Only for the most daring.  

To get the "Scoville Units" for a pepper, like the jalapeno at 2,500 units, it would take 2,500
ounces of sugar water to dilute one ounce of fresh jalapeno pepper to a point where you can no longer
taste the heat/pungency of that pepper.


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