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Ts - Trinidad Scorpion XX - Hot Pepper Hot Sauce
$9.99 each

Cr - Carolina Reaper XXX - Hot Pepper Hot Sauce
$9.99 each

one bottle Ts
Hot Sauce and one bottle Cr Hot Sauce

only $24.00 includes USPS Priority Mail DELIVERY

Ja - 5 ounce Scoville Units Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce
$4.45 each

Ca - 5 ounce Scoville Units Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce
$4.45 each

Gc - 5 ounce Scoville Units Garlic Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce
$4.45 each

Hb - 5 ounce Scoville Food Institute Habanero Hot Sauce
$4.45 each
Periodic Table of Scoville Units t-shirt
2016 update with Cr Carolina Reaper pepper!

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